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Submission Platform: Access our user-friendly submission portal to upload your ebook manuscript hassle-free.

Content Evaluation: Benefit from a basic review to ensure your manuscript meets industry standards.

Royalty Earnings: Earn royalties for every sale made through our distribution network, with no upfront costs.

Author Dashboard: Utilize our comprehensive dashboard to track your sales and performance metrics efficiently.

Publishing Updates: Stay informed with regular updates on industry trends, publishing news, and promotional opportunities to help navigate your ebook’s success journey.

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Professional Title and Content Optimization: Our team of experienced editors will refine your ebook’s title and content to enhance professionalism and reader engagement.

Expanded Distribution Network: Gain access to our extensive network of over 250 platforms, ensuring maximum exposure for your ebook across diverse audiences.

Priority Customer Support: Enjoy priority access to our dedicated support team for prompt assistance and personalized guidance throughout your publishing journey.

Exclusive Promotional Opportunities: Unlock exclusive promotional opportunities, including featured placements and promotional campaigns, to boost your ebook’s visibility and sales.

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At our company, we support authors in every step of the ebook publishing process. From manuscript evaluation to distribution on over 250 platforms worldwide, we ensure authors’ work reaches a global audience. With no upfront costs, authors earn royalties from sales while benefiting from our supportive community and advanced analytics tools to track their success.

Helping Small Authors Grow

Empowering emerging authors to grow and thrive in the literary world.

Global audience reach.

Minimal upfront costs.

Supportive author community.

Advanced sales tracking tools.

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With our intuitive platform, track your sales effortlessly on any mobile device. Whether you’re on the go or at home, our powerful tools keep you informed and in control of your publishing success. Experience the convenience of managing your ebook sales with ease, right from the palm of your hand!